Lean on Me

April 10, 2008
By Lea Duttweiler, Guttenberg, IA

Somedays im overcome with pain. On others im swallowed by joy. If only i could bottle up that joy and save it for a pain day. My life has been up and it has been to the lowest lows. Ive lost a parent and a friend and a family. Ive gained experience and memories and love for things i had never noticed before. Not only my life but the world will always have its ups and downs. Theres no doubt and no questions about that fact. Though, what we havent learned yet is to accept this rollercoster. We have to go along for the ride. No matter how scared we are of those giant hills and upside downs. And i promise you there will be hills and turns. We cant chicken out at the last moment, back out on life, even ifit seems to be the only option. Im begining to learn that no matter how many days i have that are full of pain and sorrow, there will always be at least one day of happiness that will come.

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