I Saw an Angel

April 10, 2008
By Lea Duttweiler, Guttenberg, IA

Why do we fight the truth? We spin these complecated webs of lies and look at the outcome: sorrow, pain, tears. Would the world not be simpler if we told the truth? Im constantly dodging facts and creating fiction dreams. A little white lie can turn into a mascarade ball. Nothing is what it seems to be and no one is really who they say they are. We get so caught up in our lies that eventually, we cannot escape. Try to tell the truth and you are immediately faced with a past lie. Everywhere I turn things are going wrong and no one can see it. Friends are fighting, lovers are spliting, families are crumbling, and people are wasting away in thier own self pity. Most likely, all is based on a lie. One simple lie and your world can come crashing down in a heartbeat. Lies are for the weak people of the world. They lie so they dont have to tell the truth. Strong people, however, tell the truth so they dont have to lie.

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