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April 10, 2008
Life isnt simple. Most people know that. Not all that happens in the cycle of life is birth, live, death, repeat. Its more to that. So much more. Im sure life isnt a breaze for the pregnant teen checking sale prices on baby diapers. Life cannot be fun for the alchoholic bum begging for quarters. And i know for a fact life is not easy for the underpaid, overworked people of the world.
Though i am young, i wasnt born yesterday. I dont know about everything i should about the world or politics but i know enough about life. When life gives you lemons you should always make lemonade but where are the tools for that? You have to have something to cut the lemons in half and sqeeze out the juice into a pitcher of some sort. And who could forget a strainer, have you ever heard of pulpy lemonade? Not to mention, of course, sugar to sweeten the bitter taste of lemon. Why do you think life gives us lemons in the first place. They certainly arent enjoyable, at least to me, to eat plain. And besides the fact that the skin adds a lovely zest to some foods, its pretty much one of the most pointless fruit. Why couldnt life have gave us oranges or apples or even watermelon?
I think the idea of life giving us lemons has more of a meaning than "take what life gives you". Life hands you a lemon. Its covered in an outer layer that you have to chip and claw at to get to the inside. Its like climbing your way through school and childhood. Theres problems along the way like breaking a fingernail or a bit of the lemon juice stinging a cut. Everyone had their problems in life, big or small, but eventually, if you dont give up, you can prevail and peel off all that damn lemon skin. Then of course is the sour, bitter innards of the lemon. One taste can make anyone srunch their face in surprise. You never know how bad the lemon is going to be unless you take a bite. Of course this sourness can always be cured with a little sugar. Like in life, even the worst problems can be cured with a little love.
So in the end, after the peeling and the sqeezing, the draining and the sugar, you can finally have your f***ing lemonade. And so i end my pointless rant by saying (typing) to you, lemons are not simple in any sort of way and neither is life.

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