Happily Never After?

April 10, 2008
I am a helpless romantic. I dream of my perfect guy all the time. The one that will sweep me off my feet and perch me on his white gallant steed and we would race off into the sunset together, forever. (Though im allergic to horses.) Or he would save me from my evil step mother and step sister. (Ironic much?) And then ask me to marry him where we would live happily forever in his castle.
Did you ever wonder why people were always lying to us when we were younger? Telling us about prince charming and "happily ever afters". Always making us assume the the story was over after THE END was said when really it wasnt.(Think if all those sequals out there.) Leaving us to think that everything would turn out perfect in the end. We would end up with our true love and everything else we've ever wanted. What sick, sick liars adults were back then.
The funny thing is though...I believe it all. The prince charming and awakening kiss, the poisonous apple. It all exists, though maybe without the happily ever ater sometimes. Lets start with the apple.
People are going to offer us things that no one in their right mind would turn away from. The apple. So supple and juicy, perfect in every seemingly way. How was Snow White to know that it was covered in poison? Too good to be true, whats the catch? Most everything great comes with a catch. You take that amazing offer and then two seconds later, it slaps you in the face. How do you like them apples?
Next, the awakening kiss. Most people are walking around in this world, not knowing what to do with their lives, not knowing how to start or where to end. Sleeping, i think. When you sleep, you dream. When you realize what you've been dreaming about all along, you wake up. You know what you want to do, where you want to go. A smack on the head or maybe a smooch on the lips was all it took.
That brings us to...Prince Charming, or Princess Charming. That one person for you is out there. I believe that my prince charming is out there, just beyond the horizon, waiting for my to take a couple steps closer so he's in sight. Maybe he's taking steps toward me, too. Us, coming together more and more with each passing day, until we meet. I know that ill find mine someday. By some wierd chance perhaps. But we all have them. Waiting, probaly searching for you as well. Just take a couple steps closer and maybe you could see.
Someone once told me that i was living in a fairy tale. It wasnt a compliment or ment as a good thing. But what if living in my own personal fairly tale IS a good thing. As ridiculous and unconviencing as it sounds, maybe all of us are living our own fairy tales, good or bad or even sleeping. Happily ever after may be unatainable for now but at least we know that eventually, there will be THE END wether we like it or not.

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