April 10, 2008
By Gwen Heifner, Berwyn, IL

The real silent killer

Farts: The silent killer!! But what the real silent killer is, other than heart disease, is Depression. Not many people really think about Depression if it isn’t apart of their daily lives and when you do have Depression you don’t want to talk to anyone about anything. That’s why Depression is one of the most deadly killers.

The definition of Depression is an area lower than the surrounding surface; sadness; gloom. And what’s bad about this is that it can hit anyone at anytime. People just want to stay at home and cry all the time which doesn’t make your Depression any better. A lot of people don’t have someone to talk through this with (and I’m not talking about a therapist even thought they help so much); they don’t have friends who can make them feel better and eventually get them out of this state.

There is a big misconception about Depression. Most people believe that people who are sad can just “get themselves out of it” but the truth is, you just can’t. Trust me, it is so hard once you’re deep into it. All people can do is just lay in their bed and stare or cry. You don’t do anything. That’s why most people end up failing school because they can’t do their homework when they get home. That’s why most people end up loosing all their friends because when your friends call to hang out, you say no. That’s why people kill themselves because they feel they aren’t worthy of anyone else.

People who are Depressed are tired a lot, they hardly want to talk, about anything, they don’t want to go to class or do homework, or even go to their sports practice after school. It’s so hard to get a Depressed person to do stuff. And that’s why when you are Depressed, you end up loosing a lot of your friends. And that tends to make you feel even worse.

It’s so hard to help a friend when they are in this Depression. And if your not one of those “good talker” friends, you night not know how to help them. The only thing you can do is take them, and drive them to a youth center or a therapy office or to a social worker. They might ask you not to go and that they are getting better, but they aren’t. They need professional help. And a therapist can and will help you out so much.

Depression. Not so much fun. Just don’t let this silent killer take a hold of you too.

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