April 10, 2008
By Francis Marchan, Berwyn, IL

Graduation! When you hear the word Graduation is the year when you our done with high school. The year you get to walk on that stage and pick up your diploma. The year where your family is proud of seeing up on that stage, with your gown on and that diploma on your hand. Sounds great doesn’t? Well what about those students who don’t get to experience that special day?

Many have said why do we need a high school diploma? As the years have gone by the economy has changed and progressed and many jobs now require a high school diploma. McDonalds the ideal high school drop out job now requires a high school diploma. But if you don’t want to get a high school diploma you can either drop out or just get your GED right? But the benefits of a high school diploma is that if you are planning to go to college in the future many of colleges rather look at high school diploma students than a GED student.

So later on in your life you want to have a nice house, with a family, and with a good job, but wait? You can’t have the good job unless you had a high school diploma. Also with the high school diploma you know that you accomplished something huge in your life, and shows that you worked hard for that high school diploma. But without a high school diploma it can show that you never finished anything or it can even show that you are just a lazy bum.

So think about your future, and make sure that part of that future is you holding that high school diploma in your hand high up high, and making your family and yourself proud.

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