The Big Issue in School

April 10, 2008
By Hillary Leanos, Berwyn, IL

You are sitting in your class room taking you math test and wondering what was the equation that he gave us, I can’t remember. Why is this so hard I don’t get it? Then you turn towards you friend to see him working hard and really focused like he understands it all. What might be the first thing that pops into your head? Cheating. Right from wrong is something that has been taught to a person from the time they were a child. We know there are consequences depending on how serious the actions are, so why cheat in school? Math tests, History, and maybe even English are the classes that might be the ones that students cheat on for test or homework.

Cheating is a serious problem when it comes to school. Whether it is homework or test there are so many ways that it can happen and this is something that is really wrong. Students need to realize that this is something that is not to be done. It’s like if someone is looking over your shoulder and trying to see your answers you might get upset, frustrated, and want to tell them to back off. Its something people like to do because it is considered the easy way out of things, and we all know how students are, the easier the better, but once someone tries to do it to them they get mad. Why do something and when it happens to you get all offended and mad? You did it to them, right?

Not only is cheating a big deal in school, Plagiarism is an even bigger issue. When it comes to essays and possibly the junior research paper it is done so much. Students think they can get away with it, but teachers are smarter than the average student thinks. Students think they can get away with big words and perfect grammar. Don’t forget that that teacher knows you and your vocabulary skills, they also know your way of writing. The person who really wrote it is who should get the credit for it not some lazy students trying to get a break.

Although students assume that there is no way a teacher will find out they always do and that can hurt you in many ways. This is something that will go in your record and when you go to apply to the college you have always wanted to attend that is one of the pieces of information that will be shown. No one wants a cheater do they? Ok maybe you think well I never got caught cheating in school they will never know, what happens when you take your test and you have no one to look over the shoulder, well your on you own, then you will realize you should have taken the time to study a little bit. You most likely won’t pass it, there goes your future.

Cheating is something that is wrong and is something that should not be excused for any reasons. Students need to be aware of the consequences that follows and should know not to do it. Students need to stop being so lazy and do there own work instead of copy paste, take that extra step and study.

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