Being Alone Isn't Half Bad

April 10, 2008
By Jackie Abel, Berwyn, IL

Over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself to be under constant attacks of noise. From friends talking in my ear to people I do not know screaming through these hallways, I cannot seem to clear my head of this constant noise made by everything around me. And so, I escape. I leave everything behind. I spend some time, dare I say it, alone. And I’ve come to find that being alone really isn’t all that bad.

Yes, I do love my friends as well as my boyfriend. However, I’ve come to find that spending so much time with these people is starting to drive me towards hating them. I cannot listen to them after a certain period of time, because the words falling from their lips makes me want to strangle them. Now I’m not saying that you should abandon your friends and loved ones and become a hermit in the mountains, but you should spend some time alone to gather thoughts and calm emotions. Simply turning off your cell phone for the day and taking a walk alone should do the trick.

Imagine all the things you can do when you’re alone. Reading a book, for example. How the hell can you read a book with your best friend crying in your ear about how her boyfriend just left her? Or listen to music with TWO head buds in your ears, instead of looking like a CIA agent walking away from your school. Or simply sit in silence in your favorite spot, and just think. Clear your head. Free yourself from all your stress, because I know it’s been piling on for quite some time.

So my friends, spending time alone isn’t all that bad is it? Simply being alone won’t kill you, and if done correctly, can free you from your stress and worries. So I’m off to read a book ALONE in a café ALONE with MYSELF for a few hours. And then I’ll come back home to my loving friends and boyfriend.

Well, at least for a little while.

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