Downloading Free Music

April 10, 2008
By haley hassan, Auburn, NY

Downloading free music. We've all done it at one point. Artists’ say they are not getting the money owed to them for producing the music. In my opinion downloading music has little effect on the artists career. You can listen to music on the radio for free. You can record a song from the radio for free. You can also download a CD to the computer and then burn the songs on another CD. These are all free methods that many people used before downloading free music on their computers came about. The artists music is almost everywhere for free - for example - in the stores playing, in clubs, at school dances, in the car on the way to work or school, the music videos are all over the TV and the Internet. The truth is if we couldn't download their music for free they probably wouldn't be as widely known.
Some of America is living in poverty and if this is the case then maybe they can't afford to buy a CD. Should they live without the joy of music? Maybe you only like one song on the CD and see no point in spending twenty dollars on that CD. Would you want to waste your money? Possibly the song you want is not out on CD yet or you can't find it in stores.
In my opinion artists don't complain that their songs when they play on the radio, the Internet or the TV and everyone can hear it for free there. So why is it free music so bad? Do you think that if they were in any of those situations they would download free music also?

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Houston said...
on Aug. 12 2008 at 1:10 am
The Reason Artist dont complain about their music being played on TV or Radio is cuz they are getting paid for the station using their song. Now If say LimeWire paid the Artist per download of their song then they wouldn't complain but since they get no money for people downloading free internet songs they will complain.

You make good points about the fame part but once they get the fame they care about money more then being known.

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