Oneself Love

April 9, 2008
By Keisha Green, Manassas, VA

Have you ever loved someone? Have you ever thought that they loved you back, but then found out that they weren’t feeling you? Well, if you have, you have experienced first hand, ‘Oneself Love’. Oneself love is when you feel that a person is giving you signs of affection, but they really turn out to be signs of friendship.

Majority of people at one point, in their life have experienced ‘oneself love’. let me tell you from first hand experience, this is not fun. It takes away from your happiness, school work, and social life. You spend half of your time trying to figure out why this person doesn’t like you, and the other half what to do to make them like you. In school you’ll sit in class and daydream about the person. If your friends talk about how good their relationship is going, you get mad because want that too, but you can’t have it.

Because you ignore everyone else around you, you begin to think that people don’t like you anymore; and that they are pulling themselves away from you, but in reality you’re the one pushing everyone away.

It really begins to hurt when you want them to call and they don’t, or when you call them and they don’t pick up. You send the messages (not like a stalker0, but just messages to see how they’re doing, to make sure that they are alive; and throughout all of this they never cal back or even respond. You listen to sad music, because the artist knows exactly how your feeling and you can cry with them on the song. It is ridiculous.

Well, now I’ve got something to tell you, it’s time to leave that person. If they don’t like you…MOVE ON. Go find another fish in the sea or another dog in the dog pound. Life is rough, relationships are tough, but being in love by yourself is wore. Love yourself first; don’t change who you are to fit what people WANT you to be and not who you REALLY are. Just be you, relax. If you do, then more people will accept you for you and not what you are trying to be. Leave the person that you thought loved you alone and go be happy.

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