Fairy Tale?

April 9, 2008
By Cesar Ugarte, Mexia, TX

Happily ever after, ever since I was a kid I have believed that the life always had a fairy tale ending. Yet I keep growing, and the mask which I once forced the world to keep is starting to fall off.

There is cheating, lying, greed, so many things that make me sick, are turning this world that I once though was full of magic turning into one of my worst nightmares. How can I trust people now? When disappointment is the only thing that awaits me in the end. Sadly it only seems to get worse. People slowly kill my fairy tale, I believe in feelings. I base my life in morals, yet I'm not happy. Because no matter what I do, The fairy tale that I once though life was, only deepens into darkness.

So I think back to those times when I used to watch all those old shows on TV. No matter what, GOOD triumphed over EVIL every time. Now all I do is look in the mirror, a my worn out face and tell myself in a low whisper, "This is REALITY"

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