A House Approved for AIDS ($41 Billion)

April 6, 2008
By Marissa Azua, Littleton, CO

The U.S. humanitarians built a 50 billion dollar house to help the kids with Aids, malaria, and tuberculosis for the kids in Africa, and other countries. So far the house has raised 41 billion dollars towards Aids in different countries mostly for Africa because the people there are the most kids and adults to have and fight Aids. When I was going through the newspaper I came across this eye grabbing article that stated the United States was doing something to help our neighboring countries in the cure for Aids. Reading the column, it also said that George W. Bush and the White House supported the House bill. The House bill was for the approval to build this house to raise money such as 50 billion for the fight against Aids and other diseases. Reading this article also stated that 600,000 kids and adults that are infected by HIV and AIDS is in Africa. Even the Colorado States Democratic Representatives were for the House bill or the help to fight AIDS. But not everyone can agree and be party poopers like the Colorado States Representatives that didn’t approve the House bill but the bill still passed. I was so ecstatic that half of Colorado could support and help the countries that are fighting to live with sicknesses. This charity is to help kids that are struggling and fighting with a sickness that the kids that can’t prevent being born with HIV and AIDS, and so it’s are duty to help them out. Reading this article really showed me a little which it wasn’t a little it was a whole lot that could go so far and do so much for someone. I was so proud to see people helping the ones in need. See if you do something little it could go so much farther for someone else.

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