April 4, 2008
By precious weah, Glendale, AZ

it seems funny AND SAD to me how a person can think so cruely about another person by just taking in their appearance. i mean would it hurt if one day people would try to be friendly no matter how they look. i know that not everybody is what you call cute but c'mon you can't start to hate them by looking at them. i've hated by many people in my 13 vyears of life i feel i don't really matter anymore. do we feel that if everybody looked the same that the world would be a better place? i think that everybody is perfect just the way that they are. i'vre judged a couple of people but i regret it because i don't know that what i say has a bad effect on them. i rather not meet them then to jugde them wrongly. they know that they have a problem and they hold in there for the sake of humanity but wjen we say crappy stuff we should think about how that person would feel and if it was yuo how woulld yuo feel. i'm not perfect and i've done these things and it's happened to me so i suggest we stop. yuo don't have to listen but at least think about it. complement the next person you see no matter what because you might be saving A LIFE.

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