The Beauty of Infinity

June 28, 2012
By dem0sthenes BRONZE, Montgomery Village, Maryland
dem0sthenes BRONZE, Montgomery Village, Maryland
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Humanity’s role is a concept that entails an understanding of a: what is humanity, and b: in what does humanity possess a role? In defining humanity, human beings, homo sapiens, of the higher primates, will of course serve as the foundation. The realm in which humanity possesses a role is none other than existence.

If ever there is something that is never ending, it is existence. Existence, as it is, encompasses the whole of all that is. All that is, quite simply, is. Nothing cannot exist, for non-existence, nothingness, is an impossibility. The reasoning for such lies in the nature of the number of existence. Existence cannot be defined to a given quantity. It knows no limits. It exceeds the boundaries of this universe, all that we are capable of imagining. Indeed, existence is infinite. In all areas, existence screams of its soul, infinity. In size, there is no smallest or largest, but only a never ending stream of infinitely ascending and descending sizes. In time, there is no set beginning or set end, there is always an after and before. In every aspect of existence, there is absolutely always the possibility of quite simply adding and subtracting one.

The infinite number of objects in existence is interconnected. With such laws as the law of universal gravitation, we know that every object, no matter how far, affects all other objects in the subtlest of ways. This example is far from being the only. With the most rudimentary of concepts, cause and effect, the true nature of relation in existence can be revealed. If one event occurs in existence, there must be an event prior that led to the occurrence. The domino fell because it was impacted by another domino. This basic understanding of cause and effect is sufficient for most uses, however, in order to truly comprehend cause and effect, one must look deeper. Upon further inspection, it is revealed that the domino fell because it was impacted by another domino, which was impacted by another domino, impacted by another domino, and so on. Beyond the dominos, we are aware that all other objects in existence are affecting each other by means of such things as universal gravitation. So then, in addition to the falling of prior dominos, we can now say that the falling domino was also acted upon by the pull of every other object in existence. Moreover, each prior domino preceding was also impacted by the pull of every other object in existence. For every occurrence, there is an infinite number of causes. For every object, there is an infinite number of other objects affecting it. Independence, the working upon entirely by the self of one object, cannot be. Due to the fact that there is no smallest increment, that everything can be infinitely reduced, it is certain that there is nothing that exists as one thing. The world comprises land, seas, fire, and life. The human being comprises organs and cells. The atom comprises two halves. The halves comprise quarters. The quarters comprise fifths. Due to the manner by which all things can be infinitely reduced, all things exist as collection of an infinite number of smaller parts. Infinity comes together to make infinity, a never ending cycle of continuous expansion and shrinkage. Existence, it cannot be argued, is infinite in every respect.

At last, the beauty of all this can now be realized. Existence is not an infinitely growing cacophony of parts that merely occupy the same realm of being. No, it cannot be. Existence is not a sand castle, sculpted and compartmentalized. Rather, existence is the long beach of sand. Existence is the flow of water down a stream. Existence is the stars in the sky. Nothing is independent, and nothing is isolated. Every object, each existing as a collection of an infinite number of smaller components, exists together with an infinite number of other objects. All objects are affected by each other and acted upon infinitely. The borders, the lines that we use to label the boundaries of objects, are illusions. Everything is infinitely together, infinitely one, and one infinity. Humans are no different. We too, are entities that inhabit existence. We too, are affected infinitely by the infinite. Infinity shapes us, and we too, are composed of the infinite. No one is isolated. No one ever was and ever will be truly alone. Although we experience conflict, although we fear, although we misunderstand each other, we really do exist together. We, humanity, and the entirety of existence is united. We are as a whole, a whole. We are not separate, to be separate is to be outside of existence, and to be outside of existence is impossible. In the grand scheme of existence, we never were less together, and we never will be. We, the whole of existence, could not be more united. In each of us are atoms from stars that glowed long ago. In each of us are pieces that once comprised something else that now comprise us. Existence moves, it never halts. We exist in a realm that is as a continuous stream, an eternal flame, a never ending dream. We, each and every one of us and every other thing, is a part of something greater. We, all of us, together, existence.

The author's comments:
Sometimes we miss the beauty of the world around us, both in its grandness and its minuteness. This is the ultimate beauty, far incomprehensible for any of us, but that wont stop us from trying.

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