County vs. City

June 11, 2012
By Anonymous

When growing up in this county you grow attached to everything and everyone around you. All that you love, all that’s true to you, you would lose. You could never ask a person to pick up and leave this beautiful county, you cruel person.

There are too many reasons to stay in this county over moving to Seattle. In this county you grow excessive amounts of character. Growing up here, people are around four wheelers, cows, farms, and tractors. Each of these build all sorts of character, whether it’s breaking a bone, getting up at four in the morning, or bucking bales in ninety degree weather. Building this sort of character can turn you into a sophisticated person, and a tough person. These are very desirable characteristics. Down in Seattle you would build character of being prep, or being snotty (Not real likeable traits).

Also around here it is stunningly beautiful. The gorgeous sunsets over the fields, the majestic mountains in the distant horizon, leaving these fantastic sights behind would be repulsive. To leave to Seattle to be amongst homeless people, smog, crowds, buildings, and parking problems. All of these are atrocious sights make this county the better choice beyond comparison.

There is also a lot more exciting things to do up here than down in stale, sour Seattle. People here can sled in the wonderful rolling hills, they can four wheeling the playful mud, and they can wrestle cows to the ground, after springing off of a horse. You may also take a not so long drive to the city if your truly bored of the better options I listed above and go do the exact things you may do in Seattle.

The only reason I see a person moving to Seattle is if they like pollution, parking, traffic, crowds, buildings, and being bored. Do you like these things?

So could you please tell me this? Why? Why on earth would you move to such a ghastly place as Seattle when you could stay here in this incredible, breath taking county?

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