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May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Sometimes the dirtiest jobs could pay really well. Even though it’s dirty, and many people don’t like mentioning it as their career, some people have to do it and it pays well. From a career that involves a lot of education to careers that don’t require that much brain power but your ability to do physical stuff. An example of a Job that require a lot of education but may seem repulsive to some people are Gastroenterologists, they may make 6 figure salaries but they have to deal with intestinal and digestive issue and that can be a stinky task. However, there are also jobs available with little schooling such as a garbage collector. An average salary for a garbage collector would be $43,000! That’s the salary an average teacher makes. Some people might not be bragging that they work as a garbage collector but someone’s got to do it right? With little schooling picking up trash might be a very good job for some people, beats working at McDonalds anytime right? An average employee that works for a fast-food restaurant gets paid minimum wage an hour while a garbage collector can earn up to $21 an hour. So the next time you make fun of someone because of their job, you might want to do a little research because their salaries might be higher than yours.

There also jobs that doesn’t involve that much mental and physical stress. Take toll collecting for example, sounds simple right?? Well it is, the job description is the title itself no need of an explanation. All you have to do is sit there and collect money. This might sound easy but there are sometimes many factors in it that discourages many people from doing it. Think about it, you have to sit in a little box for hours with nothing but a radio to keep you entertained. Some people might not dwell in such environment with little interaction, with the exemption of the basic “hello” to people passing by the toll. Other than that, if you think you’re fit to do it then go right on ahead. Another job that you can make easy money without that much mental stress is being a crime scene cleaner. This job is self-explanatory as well. With an average salary of 50,400, this job might be very good for some of you out there but just like any other jobs, there are down sides as well. From working in a confined space such as the attic or basement to the smell of decomposing flesh, an average crime scene cleaner has to face those every day.
In the end, don’t think that just because it’s a dirty jobs or very physical pays little. You might be surprised at some of the careers that people do that pays double your salary. Look can be deceiving, don’t judge whether a person is rich or poor based on their career. Just remember this one rule, the more disgusting it is, the more people would want to stay away from it and the more money the workers are going to get.

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