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May 11, 2012
By Jeremy Bell BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
Jeremy Bell BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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The 2010 Dodge Challenger has its ups and downs but all in all, it is a pretty decent car. The elegant sleek trim design gives the car a traditional old school muscle car look. Under the massive hood of this hot rod, lies a special built engine full of horsepower and plenty of power. The model is equipped with the fuel-efficient Pentastar V6 cylinder or the V8 392 Hemi engine. The 3.6 liter V6 engine is a high-tech power house injected with three hundred five horsepower including a 268 lb-ft of torque which in terms means it has higher gas mileage. This allows full on potential of everything you want in a classy sports car. While the stylish and more expensive 392 Hemi is rated at 470 horsepower and four hundred and seventy pounds of torque. Due to cylinder shutoff, equipped on the automatic version, it will have an easily better performance than the smaller 2010, 6.1 SRT8 engine. However, you get less gas mileage and higher gas prices. Typically the decision comes down to what your true intentions for the car. Either drive it on a daily bases as an everyday family car, or rev your engine as you roar down the street leaving other cars in your dust. That is why I decided to pick up and purchase an armor grey candy painted 2010 Dodge Challenger V6 with black racing stripes and chrome trim finish as my first car because I thought it would be the ultimate chick magnet, and it is! The sleek design of the throwback muscle car gives an impression of a bad boy, “I don’t care” attitude to match my forte. I love the history of this beautiful classic that easily tops the chart of one of the best affordable sports cars around. The smooth drive compliments the elegance of the body shape, making you feel as your jus gliding down the road. The Dodge Challenger is a perfect all purpose sports car that’s just right for all those muscle car lovers out there. However, this bad boy isn’t exactly a road trip kind of car due to lack of excess space and low gas mileage. All in all Dodge has made a great car that I really enjoy driving. Check out your local Dodge Dealership today and check out the all new 2013 Dodge Challenger V8 RT model and prepare to be amazed!

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