Alien Life?

May 10, 2012
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Aliens invading Earth! Hurry, we must get somewhere safe before we are to become extinct! This is a very scary, but fascinating statement we as humans have grown used to. At the same time though, the thought of alien’s makes all of us alike wonder: Is there life somewhere out there among the stars, a biological miracle like us existing out there waiting to be discovered? This question has led past scientists to come to mind-bending conclusions, like life in parallel universes, or ancient aliens having visited our planet advancing our evolution. Anyway we look at this debate, life can and probably does exist on other worlds and galaxies.

Life on Earth has almost perfect conditions: four seasons, rotation on its axis, greenhouse effect, and its revolution around the sun, in the habitable zone. Our planet is unique, as are the inhabitants it supports. This world hosts over 8.7 million species. It is over four point six billion years old, and our planet has been pounded by everything the cosmos could produce. Out of the billions of planets and galaxies out there, life must exist somewhere, maybe not like us, but maybe a whole new biological outlook.

Our science on Earth is still advancing, as is our knowledge of how life and how elements build it up. Somewhere out there in some far off solar system, an alien civilization can exist. It will be in the habitable zone where a planet revolving around a sun at about the right distance. The sun’s rays won’t burn the planet but will keep it warm. The planet also won’t be too far from the sun so life can thrive or even support a intelligent being. As our technology increases and becomes more advanced it’s only a matter of time before we find out if we are alone in the universe.

We humans will always ponder whether there is life in the universe. Until we send missions to other worlds, we can never be sure if we’re alone or not. According to today’s scientists, life is a definite possibility outside our solar system. Personally, I think the universe is too big for just one life form.

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