If I Were President

June 23, 2008
By Angelia Rivera, Worcester, MA

If I were president, this world would be different. It would be better. Everything would be better.
There wouldn't be that many homeless people. They'd have a place to stay. I wouldn't have to feel sad that people are on the veerge of dying.No one going through trash.I could finally sleep at night knowing that everyone is safe.
The war would be over.We won't have people risking their lives for our country.There wouldn't be stories in the newspaper like "40 Soldiers Found Dead."There would be no one crying about their loved ones being gone. Everyone will be happy.
Everyone will recycle so there aren't toxic wastes flooding the planet.It would be a safer place to live in.
I would get rid of all of the drugs. Well,except prescription drugs.The drugs that are sold on the streets should be gone.It doesn't do anything but hurt people.It's bad for our society.
That is what I would do if I were president.I would help the homeless find homes.The war in Iraq would be over.Everyone would recycle.All of the bad drugs such as cocaine,heroine,and marijuana would be gone.That is what would happen if I were to become president.

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