Everyone Deserves to Dream

June 1, 2012
By Meeep BRONZE, Sanford, North Carolina
Meeep BRONZE, Sanford, North Carolina
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"Don't give up, I belive in you all. A person's a person, no matter how small." -Dr. Seuss

Everybody has dreams, children, teens, babies, even grown ups. Whether the dream is singing to a full audience, or flying with unicorns everyone deserves to dream. You always hear people saying ‘reach for your dreams’, yet a lot of dreams are either ‘unreasonable’ or ‘too wild’. How can you put a limit on dreams? You can’t. If you put a limit on your dreams then you won’t try and aim big. The sky is the limit! If you want to star in movies with Eddie Murphy or party with Pitbull why can’t you? Who says you can’t? Don’t limit yourself to something ‘easy’ or ‘simple’. Be wild, be crazy, be fun! Be cool, be courageous, and be free! Be whatever YOU want to be! The sky is the limit, so dream my little dreamers, dream!

The author's comments:
Why shouldnt you be able to do want or be what you want?

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