May 30, 2012
I believe in smiles. Smiling is what makes the world go 'round, believe it or not. I personally enjoy smiling, as it takes 'more muscles to frown' than it does to show some teeth.People need to realize that life isn't going to be the best- in fact, it will be bumpy road with a bunch of pot holes. So why not enjoy the sweet ride, and be happy. Smile more! We need more smiles on the planet, we need more teeth!
The fact is people appreciate smiling, no matter what race you are, what gender,or where you live.It's a universal signal of happiness. I mean, think about this: what is the first thing that you automatically do when a person smiles at you? You smile back. It's common knowledge.
So let some sunshine and smiles in your life, and see how your smile can affect another. It makes the world a better place.

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