Diesel vs. Gas

April 3, 2012
By JonathanSharot SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
JonathanSharot SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I wonder if anyone thinks to themself, what the heck’s diesel? How’s if different from gas? I personally think that diesel is better than gasoline for traveling, but not for your wallet. I am going to tell a few things about diesel, gas and why to buy either.

According to the “slate’s” Brendan Koerner says, “I recently returned from an extensive stay in Europe, where most new cars run on diesel.” “Those cars are typically fuel efficient than our gas guzzlers,” So why hasn’t the U.S. converted over to diesel? Diesel is good for long travel because it lasts longer than gas. Although, it improves gas mileage, diesel is very expensive due to our shortage of diesel supply in the U.S. Diesel has more bad things to it though, “Mental floss” says diesel boils off between 250 C and 350 C, and gasoline boils around 150 C. “Now, if I needed to start my car in the morning on a cold winter day I would chose gasoline without a doubt. Most of Europe uses diesel engines, diesel is more fuel efficient than gas and boils at higher temperatures.

About more than half of the U.S. auto industry has gasoline engines because gasoline is cheaper. Most diesel engines are in big vehicles like semi’s, construction equipment and most trucks. Gas is more difficult to refine than diesel fuel. Gasoline is typically very clean. U.S. has a large amount of gasoline which makes it cheaper than diesel. In Europe it is most likely that gas is more expensive than diesel just because they have a better supply than the U.S. I have just informed that gas is cheaper here, cleaner than diesel, and most of the U.S. uses it.

So what should I get? First of all, if I want to use diesel fuel I have to have a diesel engine. If I want to use gasoline, I have to have a gas engine. So back to my question, if I live in a place where it is always hot, and diesel fuel is cheap buy a diesel vehicle and buy diesel. If not, and I live in a hot or cold environment and the gas is cheaper, than buy a vehicle that uses gas. I have just shared a few reasons why to buy either gas or diesel.

All about diesel, gas, and why to buy either where the last three things I talked about. My opinion is to buy diesel because I think it is better in the long run but, that is just me. I hope whoever is reading this thinks about this article when choosing which type of vehicle they want.

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