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April 2, 2012
By Nmeyerson BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
Nmeyerson BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
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What really is community service? Is it just what some people describe as being a boring few hours they spend in their local library. I feel if you’re not enjoying helping someone out it shouldn’t be called community service. I helped out at a local cooking school for kids. This cooking school was for any child to come to and have fun for a few hours in their day. These kids were diverse and it felt like this cooking school helped to bring these kids together. Before I began to volunteer at this cooking school I didn’t do much to help out my community. I felt that I wasn’t going to make any type of difference at my age. Ever since I started to volunteer though I felt that I’ve not only felt better as a person but it’s also given me a greater insight on the rest of the world. Ever since I started volunteering I wanted to go and help at all different types of places to be able to learn more about myself. I feel if people start coming together to help people who really need it the world could become a much better place. At the same time though I’ve began to see the world in a much greater realistic view than I did as a child. I’ve become to learn the world isn’t a perfect place but if there are people there who can help those to make their lives a bit better it can help make the world more into something it should be rather than what it has become today, a place where people care much more for power and money than the feeling of cooperation and togetherness when helping people out.

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