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April 1, 2012
By JoJolynn BRONZE, Glenwood, Arkansas
JoJolynn BRONZE, Glenwood, Arkansas
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you can take the girl out of the woods but you cant take the woods out of the girl.
Nothings impossible
if you fall get right back up and try again

i may not have the amazing talent of singing nor dancing that will provide the rest of my life. i may not have the epic ability to put a few images on paper and it end up in a magazine. i may not be able to produce an awesome video that will make me famous. i may not have the knowledge to write a novel or a wise essay and be acknowledged world wide for it. but i do have my own talents my own abilities and my own knowledge.i may not no all my talents,abilities and knowledge but as the years go by i will find way of how i can show the world of these things i possess is by my opinions. and opinions are opinions some will hurt and some will not but they are mine and no-one will tell me what they are. they will change over time and i will let them but all i can say is if you don't like them then don't try to change them just deal with it and move on because no matter what and how you do it. it will not change because you said so. your opinions are yours and mine are mine. people will have different ones just like talents and abilities. no-one can control what you have nor can they control what they will be, no-one except yourselves! so don't let people even give it a try because all it will do is cause problems between y'all in the end. the world is different for everyone. every person in this world sees their world in different and will approach it in different ways. so don't try to change that for someone else. if you don't like the way yours is turning out then don't take it out on others. don't try to change others. save the time you will waste on it and try to change your own

The author's comments:
i have seen it many of times so i hope it stops

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Very bad punctuation


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