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April 5, 2012
By MonPetitChou BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
MonPetitChou BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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You might not finish reading this. You could die while reading this. You could die at any moment. But do not worry, o restless child. Do not lose sleep over something that you cannot change.

Why are you sad, o worried child? Are you afraid of death? Do you fear leaving this life that you have attached yourself to here on Earth? Do not be upset.

It should be noted that most people do not live at all. It is not guaranteed that you will live, but it is guaranteed that you will die. Yet you enjoy your unpredictable life and push away your certain death. Is it morbid to think this way? I say it is realistic.

All funerals are nice. I predict that yours will be, too. But hardly anyone treats funerals as a celebration of the person's life. You all instead mourn their loss and beg and plead for them to come back to this worldly life. Don't you see, dear child, that death is a natural process of life? Funerals are meant for other people to celebrate the person for completing another portion of their life. Just as you celebrate their birth, be joyful for their death.

Death is always next to us, whether we choose to see it or not. When we show fear, it will jump at us even faster. But when we accept it, it will fall into the shadows until it is ready to show itself again.

This is not to say that you should focus on death - it does not want to be focused on. Simply keep on keeping on, and calmly acknowledge its presence. Only when you see the true beauty of life will death quietly let you enjoy it.

"C'est a cause que tout doit finir que tout est si beau." - Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz. (It is because everything must end that everything is so beautiful.)

The author's comments:
I began noticing in my life just how many things about death were present. First, my mom got a job working for Hospice, which, for those of you who don't know, is an organization that provides and cares for people who are near or on their deathbed. She mentioned to me how beautiful it was to see these people and how appreciative they were of their lives. Then just today, I picked up my Francis Chan book "Crazy Love," which talks about God's love for us. One chapter that I stumbled upon mentioned death. (It was the inspiration for my title.) Finally, I found that French quote which totally spoke to me. I have recently been getting better at accepting death. I used to be terrified of dying, but now I see that it is a beautiful, natural process that, though I hope won't happen anytime soon, I will calmly accept when it arrives.

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