The Boston Massacre

April 26, 2012
By MMCGARRY BRONZE, Columbia, MO, Missouri
MMCGARRY BRONZE, Columbia, MO, Missouri
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Imagine what America would be like without the American Revolution? Today, America could be another territory of Britain if the American Revolution never happened. The American Revolution was a war that the Colonist and the British fought over because of taxes that the British put on goods. What started the American Revolution, was an iconic event in America’s history. The Boston Massacre started the American Revolution.
On March 5, 1770 protesters were protesting on the streets of Boston because of the ridiculous taxes that the British had put on commonly used good. The whole outburst started when protesters starting throwing snowballs and sticks at several British soldiers. The Soldiers, or “Red Coats”, retaliated by shooting and killing five Boston civilians. Though hardly a massacre (which is killings of large proportions), The Colonist were outraged and had a different opinion about the British. One event led to another, and the American Revolution begins because of the five murders in Boston on March 5, 1770.
If the Boston Massacre never had happened, then America would never had gone to war with the British and America would not be a free independent country. Yes, there were other events that led up to the American Revolution, but the Boston Massacre angered the Colonists enough and motivated them to retaliate and fight for freedom against the British. Therefore, the Boston Massacre is the main cause of the American Revolution.

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