dont trust

April 26, 2012
Be careful on who you choose to trust. Want to know why? Because you never know who is going to take your heart and return it in shattered pieces.
It's hard to love someone who all they want to do is crush your heart; is to just mess around with your emotions and play around. Nobody really means it when they say "I love you." Its just a way for someone to get close; just another way for someone to hurt you.
I thought i had it all, a happy home; great friends and a amazing girlfriend...until something happened. When she first said "I love you." I believed her, so i gave that person my virginity, just for her to leave me broken-hearted. Right now I'm trying to patch everything up; my friends and I are not as close as I wish we were, the abandoned me when I started dating her; they don't know but that was a greater reason of why i was so hurt in the end. My family didn't like the fact that i was gay, so they stopped talking to me. In the end the people who say they are my friends...I don't believe them and I'm barely trusting them. My ex-ff is saying she loves me still and wants to get back together; as much as I want to believe her; I'm terrified and unsure of what she really wants this time. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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