looking at the REAL world

April 18, 2012
If you look around, notice things. I do. Do you? Do you notice the way one student ends his sentences with "okay" or how she scratches her ear when the teacher asks her a question. If you haven't before, you will now. You'll see all the things that aren't meant to be noticed in life. It'll make you different. It'll change your perspective, your view of the world. It won't change you, nut things about you. You'll be lost in thought, eyebrows furrowed, worried about someone elses' problems because you saw them when no one else did.You noticed the bruise on that boy's arm and you wonder: where did it come from? You see the cuts on that girl's arm. You ask her, "Did you do that." Noticing things might save people. From what? What are these people running from? That's none of your business. You don't have to know. Just be aware that whatever the problem is, you can reassure someone without prying. When you look at the world, you could see the mistakes in life, in people's life, and the good things too. You don't have to notice his habits or her cuts. You can notice her smile or his glowing happiness. It's a chain reaction when you open your eyes and see the world for what it is. They spread their feelings to you, and you spread them to others.
So, go look at the world!

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DreamingOutQuiet said...
May 27, 2012 at 6:57 pm
I like this. Short and to the point, with an interesting subject. Can you maybe checkout my wor a bit
sweetangel4life replied...
May 29, 2012 at 3:42 pm


and sure. ill leave a comment and ill say "from my poem u read" so u know it was me .

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