Global Education

April 17, 2012
By Anonymous

I believe that global education is very important. I think that all of the countries should agree on one global language to be required to learn in addition to your nation’s language. I think since most schools in other countries are learning English that English should be used as the global language requirement. If we have a required global language there will be a decrease in people getting lost in translation.

Another thing that I think is important for global education is pacing. I think that the pace should be equal. With this a kid that’s seven years old in America is as educated as another seven year old in another country.

I also think that the length of the school year should be made equal. With this no student will be more or less overwhelmed with school than anyone else. This gives the students an equal amount of education time.

I think that the biggest idea I have for Global education is just that it should be all equal throughout the world. If it’s all equal all the students will have a fair learning system.

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