Human Rights

April 17, 2012
By alixjohnson BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
alixjohnson BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Human Rights
What are human rights? Well… that’s a question most people on earth don’t know the answer to. By definition; human rights are the natural rights humans possess no matter what. To me, they are much more than that. They define who we are and what we will do with our lives. Human rights aren’t a topic we would generally talk about with our friends or family but they are what make America the land of the free.
When I think of human rights, I think of freedom and society. Even though every country puts up that they believe in these rights, that doesn’t mean that they enforce them. Human rights have an enormous impact on society. If only 5 of them were enforced, I think there would be a definite change in society for the good. So, the question is: Which Human Rights do we want to enforce and why?
To me, Human Rights are pretty much common sense. Why wouldn’t you be allowed a fair time off work? Why wouldn’t there be equal pay for men and women? Ask yourself these questions and I can almost guarantee you won’t have an answer.
In my world, human rights are pretty much enforced. They are not part of the law, but most people follow them. I can’t imagine if I didn’t have the “right to travel”. How would I see my family? How would I get to see new things? I wonder all the time what my life would be like if I didn’t have access to things like this. I wonder what other countries think.
I know this paper has a lot of questions… but, ask yourself these. You will begin to search for the answers and want to help the countries that don’t have Human Rights available… because in the end, you will be glad you were a part of the change.

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