human rights

April 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Human rights are the free rights you have as just being a living person on earth. It’s your right to stand up for yourself and say what you believe in. It’s the right you have from the time you are born to the time you die. Most people you ask will not know what human rights are but really you can understand it by just saying it. Religion, beliefs, languages, cultures and many more things makes each life different. Human right is not a topic in my everyday life as a fourteen year old but for only being 14 I can make human rights an everyday topic everywhere. For having human rights, I have the right to stand up for the people whose lives are controlled and they don’t have freedom live as they believe.
Without human rights in your life, you are just a human being controlled. During the holocaust 11 million people died. I drive a flying car to school, cancer is only heard with survivor, and war is a word I only hear in social studies. All of those things could have made that true in some of those 11 million people’s lives. If human right was used in the time of the holocaust or in Africa then just a single life could change the world. After watching videos of starving, uneducated and abducted people in Africa, it makes me cherish my life and shows me that by living in a certain country I can live my life freely and happily.

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