Texting While Driving

April 16, 2012
By 16oreckik BRONZE, Wynantskill, New York
16oreckik BRONZE, Wynantskill, New York
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Texting while driving leads to a high number of fatalities and should be stopped. When young children see an adult they look up to text and drive, they assume that it's okay. It needs to be stopped and the punishment has to be more enforced and harsh.

In one year, more than 6,000 people are killed in car crashes due to texting whil driving. To add to those deaths there is almost half a million injuries a year.

In 2011 the New York State Governor changed the law. They changed it from just a $150.00 fine to the same fine with 2 points onto the persons license. But rightfully the punishment should be more harsh, especially since multiple lives are in danger. Along with the fine and the points on the license indiviuals who are doing the crime should, dependind on the situation, face either jail time or community service.
This crime not only affects the people in the car with the texting driver, but also in the very unfortunate case, the people in the car that gets hit. And that person that got hit may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
There is never and exception to texting and driving. It is illegal for a reason and clearly the law needs to be followd. Especially when peoples lives are in danger.

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