I Have a Dream

March 17, 2008
By Emily Morris, Georgetown, SC

I am happy to write this as what I would and many others would like to change immediately.

Horses have carried humans throughout history. They have helped till farm lands, pulled trains, carried troops to war, they pulled carriages and given us dreams and supplying us with friendship that could go on for half your life time. But in our country, we don’t raise horses to be devoured by humans, however, our horses are being killed at this very minute to fill the stomachs of those who have no heart. Horsemeat is eaten mostly in the countries of Italy, France, Belgium, and Japan.

The 1999 IGHA/Horse Aid estimated that 60,000 horses are slaughtered in the United States, 29,000 are shipped over to Canada for slaughter, and $58 million is the money that the U.S.A. gets after exporting horsemeat out of the country each month. Imagine how many horses could be left in the world if that just so happened to double its amount!

The American horses that are slaughtered every day, are not breed to be meat. They are horses that were either horses that were wild and free or horses that were a loved and cared for family member. They may have come off the track, or maybe they were running free of crops and saddles, yes they might’ve been foals born as a “byproduct” for the Premarin Industry (Female hormone replacement drug), or they were a part of a kid’s dream (or an adult’s dream). But these horses could have had another life to live if it weren’t for the auctions they went through or the way people called the horse slaughter company (such as one of the Canadian Horse Slaughter Houses) up and tell them to come get their horse because it’s just an animal right? No, this is what needs to stop.

Almost all of the horses which are being slaughtered at this moment, are horses who were sold to auctions by irresponsible owners trying to find an easier way of sending their animals off that they don’t want anymore or are horses given to the auction by caring families who don’t know what awaits their pets. Sadly, these are the horses that are bought by Killer-buyers for the slaughterhouses. These men are ready to buy as many horses as the possibly can when they first park their trailer in the parking lot.

In addition, more than 1,000 horses are stolen each year. Horse stealers make money easily by selling the horses they stole to the slaughter houses. Slaughter houses make it really hard on owners who want to trace and locate their animals, speaking that they butcher animals in only 24 hours making it impossible to find them before they are gone.

We as in the people of the world need to help stop this. This is a global thing that is happening all around the world. Whether you are an animal hater or an animal lover, I know that most people would not dare try and kill a horse on purpose.

A enormous amount of people today have never heard of Horse Slaughter. This is what the horsemeat trade wants. They have tried to hide what they do to these mammals before and after the butcher them.

The manager at a Canadian Horse Slaughterhouse said, “Talking about horses is kinda a scary thing, especially out in the west where people think of horses more of pets than protein. When anybody starts writing about horses, everybody gets up in arms. Every time we say anything about horses in the paper, there’s an uproar, so I don’t want to talk about it.”

In the 1950s Velma Johnston (Wild Horse Annie) began a campaign after seeing for herself what happens to wild horses after being rounded up. They are shoved into cow/sheep trailers that are too small in height and width for horses. Before the mammals even get loaded into these trailers, they are already abused and terrified of what is about to happen to them. There have been several times in the U.S.A. where horse slaughter trailers have arrived at their destinations and found most of their horses dead from panic.

Velma founded the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act in 1971. This stated that any free roaming horse shall be protected from capture, harassments, branding, and even death.

However, a new Congressional Amendment was made, making horses 10 years and older more accessible to Killer-buyers since these wild horses are rounded up and taken to an auction to be sold. Next thing you see is another 3 trailers going opposite directions but they are packed with horses so it must mean they are going to the butchers. Hope those Italians love wild horse meat.

At the moment there are three slaughter houses still existing today in America although they are all owned by foreign coutnries. There is one in Illinois and two in Texas. You may think that it’s only a small piece of the states that have one though. That is very true, but there are still 90,000 horses that go to each and everyone of those slaughter houses a day. Now multiply that by 365 and you will get the amount of horses these awful people kill a year.

The United States does not eat horsemeat accept for the small percent of zoo animals, but most of it is shipped over seas to other countries. Meat from horses is recognized as a meat that is good for diabetes and it is very tough. But why eat it?

Now is the time in which we stop those men who round the wild ones up.

Now is the time that we adopt the ones at auctions.

Now is the time to not fool around and get going on what is in need of our attention.

We, as in all of America have to voice it, twist the words, and make people of other countries believe that if we kill all of these horses, there will be none left in the world, just like we almost did to the whales in the oceans.

Horses will become extinct, and we just can’t do that. We need to give the horses credit, because they are what helped every nation in the world along. But, we cannot give them the extra pat on the back when others are killing and eating them.

Many believe that since horses are a symbol to the west and are magnificent creatures, they should either die naturally, or be put down by a veterinarian when sick, on the death plain, or unwanted.

With this hope and faith of our nation, I believe we can pull it off.

I believe we can stop this horse slaughter if we work hard at it.

I understand there is a lot more slaughtering of different types of animals, like chicken, cows, pigs, cats and dogs. But, chicken and cow and even pig, we have eaten since us Americans first saw them. But cats, dogs and horses are what us humans think of as human companions. Things that keep our secrets, a shoulder to cry on when in need, and a ladder to help us climb up to become a much nicer person than before.

In 2002 the slaughter house in Illinois was burned to the ground. I believe that if this were to happen to them on purpose they probably wouldn’t have gotten the point. But if all of the slaughter houses were burned at the exact time, they might get it.

But stopping horse slaughter isn’t all about burning their distributors down but to sue or go to the law enforce.

Anyways, we need to stop this or else there won’t be any horses left in the world because they are all going to their death beds in the butcher house.

Many people don’t know how these murderers kill these giant animals, well go ahead and look it up on Youtube or Google. You will be devastated on what you find out.

Nobody has found out a way to stop the horsemeat delivering because it all keeps coming back into business.

This is what we need to stop.

This is what we need to do.

Let’s not kill any horses, but all of the businesses who do butcher these magnificent, wind made mammals.

Stop the slaughter, end the pain.

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