October 10, 2007
By Azn whitey, China Town, NY

The following Op-ed is a brief conclusion of drafts, how they affect both the citizens and the economy.

Drafts kill people in many ways. A draft is when people of one country are forced to go to war: usually due to the fact that there is a shortage of troops. There are many positive outcomes for having a draft yet there is also a downside. Drafts may separate people but they also might save people as well. Drafts should only occur in a time of war when the war is dealing with weapons of mass destruction, or when there is a major shortage of troops. There should only be a draft when the country itself is in danger of entering poverty or complete takeover.
Drafts, in most cases, would be sending unprepared people to death, even though they may train in the army until they are sent away it can’t be long enough to actually make them survive for an extended period of time. Training would consist of a 10 day induction notice followed by 4-6 months of basic training, although some may be qualified for the intense 1 year or more course.

The age range of drafts is 18 years or older which is bad due to the fact that some people might not even get into college which is bad for the economy and the people of the future. Some people say it would be the time for the return of the “citizen soldier” although it would only disrupt the economy and may put other soldiers in risk. A citizen soldier is when an average citizen goes to war when the war is almost hopeless. An example of this is war World 1. A reincarnation of the citizen soldier would be a complete waste of time, money and would most likely be a overall failure due to the fact it would be bringing scientists and prevent major breakthroughs in science.

When it comes to drafts there is always a positive side and a negative side. Although when a draft is needed it should be only if the country itself was in extreme danger, otherwise the time for more advanced technology comes into use. Drafts are for absolute emergency use only.

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