March 28, 2012
By ImPerfectandProud BRONZE, Longbeach, Mississippi
ImPerfectandProud BRONZE, Longbeach, Mississippi
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It’s funny such a word has such an impact all leading a chain reaction up to something bueatiful.my mom just told me a story of her and her best friend he proposed and she said no and married my dad soon after that then a few years after I was borne they divorced. So much happened after that and I thought I would never be the same. Soon my mom became married to my step dad and we moved to Long beach we tried new things like 4weel riding and even riding the school bus (I was a privet school girl at the time going public) and then second grade hit I met one of my best friend and had recently been reunited with an old on I also met a teacher one I would never forget she was amazing and helped me with every obstacle in life at the time both educational medical (I was diagnosed with ADHD) and mental which I was at the edge of becoming due to my new and strange red neck family (which I now love dearly) she also brought on a passion that formed me writing see how one action on mistake on no one temptation it all reacted effecting not just my mom or my dad or her best friend but also years later me if she had said yes well I might not even exists or be Kristen for that matter so disaster thank you for all the damage you’ve done because your result was me.

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