March 27, 2012
By Charle5 GOLD, West Windsor, New Jersey
Charle5 GOLD, West Windsor, New Jersey
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Wednesday can really be annoying sometimes.
My dire urge to eliminate Wednesday from the calendar is because of its spelling. Actually, my hatred is more towards the person who came up with the spelling. Every time I type “Wednesday” into my computer, it says that I spelled it wrong. Yet, I can still spell the word when writing on paper, or when spelling it out loud... So perhaps my hatred is really most deserved by Christopher Sholes, the inventor of the QWERTY keyboard.
Despite all of that, I really do love Wednesdays. Commonly known as Hump Day, Wednesday is smack-dab in the middle of the week. Wednesday tells us, “Hey, just two more days until Friday! Woo-hoo!” and also, “Hey, congrats on surviving Monday and Tuesday. The week can only get better from here on!” Wednesday is like the great equalizer: it doesn’t want to get too studious and serious like Monday and Tuesday, but doesn’t want to get too lazy and exciting like Thursday and Friday. You could also say that Wednesday is the Super Glue that holds the two halves of the week together. Without Wednesday, I’m pretty sure we’d all be dead.
Today, March 19, 2012, is sadly not a Wednesday. Today got placed as a Monday this year. Last year, it was reported that March 19 was caught stealing an iPad from March 16, jealous of March 16 getting the Wednesday position. As a punishment, the Great Day Decider ruled March 19 a Monday this year. Nevertheless, we can’t have a criminal as Hump Day. Better luck next year, March 19.

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