Feedback: "Cozy"

March 27, 2012
By Michael Dennis BRONZE, Mcnabb, Illinois
Michael Dennis BRONZE, Mcnabb, Illinois
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"Cozy" by Em Tang in the March Teen Ink is a good poem. I agree about sinking into the bed. I remember when I was younger that I had all kinds of blankets and ended up getting so comfy that I fell asleep.

when I see beds at the store and how they are so fluffy with the fluffy blankets that I want to jump into the blankets and fall asleep. I love when you can fall asleep so easily at night when you have these soft blankets with you when you sleep. I pretty much hit the sheets of the bed that i fall asleep.

What else can happen in the poem "Cozy"? This poem made me think of when I was little and had a wonderful time when I had nap time.

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