March 26, 2012
By , Mitchell, SD
Halloween is a very funny and scary time of the year. It’s when the witches and ghosts come out to scare all the little children trick or treating. That’s why Halloween is very fun and scary!
Costumes come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. There are numerous amounts of costumes. Such as, the terrifying ones that almost make the creature you dressed up as look completely real! There are also the babies that dress up as bumble-bees, cartoon characters, and other creatures. There are some kids that dress up as real people, for example, celebrities or just regular day people like fire fighters or police men. The homemade costumes aren’t usually as good as the store bought ones, but once in a while, you can see the really out going home made costumes that you wish you had, and I bet you friends can help you with that.

Friends are the source to my Halloween, and where ever I go on Halloween, I’m with my friends. I like to go with a decent amount of people but not too many where we could cause some trouble. I like to be with my closer friends and not with the friends that are mere acquaintances. When my friends and I are out I like to go around and scare a couple of people. I know it’s not the nicest prank but it’s pretty funny. If I perform the “scaring,” I’m always ready to be scared. It’s just the rules of cause and effect. The most important part of Halloween is to remember to have fun! No matter what you are doing, you should have fun on Halloween. It is truly the most important thing; besides the decorations!

The decorations are the best; they make your house look creepy inside and out! You should go all out with decorations. The coolest decorations ever are zombies and vampires scaring people, fake bats hanging from trees, and the coolest thing ever: a fog machine to give the house that very creepy feeling! Decorations shouldn’t just be on the outside, they should be inside too! When you have the decorations on the inside and making your family feel afraid every night when they go to the bathroom and walk into a ghost. The scarier decorations are more thrilling than the cute funny ones. On Halloween, it’s supposed to be scary; Halloween isn’t funny or cute. That’s what Christmas and Easter are for.

Costumes, friends, and decorating are what make Halloween an amazing day. This is the only time the real monsters get to come and scare children. All of this makes Halloween the most fun time to dress up, decorate, and be with friends!

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