A Young Man Named Brian

March 26, 2012
By E P BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
E P BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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In Brian’s Song, the main character, Brian Piccolo is a running back for the Chicago Bears. Brian Piccolo was a great player and a good friend. He and Gale Sayers are best friends and stay together. Brian Piccolo was a very good football player. When he was 26, he had cancer and has to have surgery, and sadly didn’t survive much long after the surgery. But when he was alive, Brian was determined, fun-loving, and hard working.

Brian Piccolo was very determined. He is a running back for the Chicago Bears. That really must have taken a lot of hard work. He was really happy to devote a lot of time to football. And his position really did show his determination. Also, he runs very fast. To be anything in football, you should be a really fast runner, and Brian Piccolo was. Later, Brian Piccolo has to have surgery. Brian had to have surgery because he had cancer. For him after the surgery wanting to come back and play, showed how determined he was. During all that, he was definitely a joker.

Brian was a joker because there was always a fun-loving spirit when he was there. He was a fun-loving man. Before and after his surgery, Brian Piccolo was always joking around laugh, or be happy. An example of a joke would be when he was in his room with Gale, saying that he liked black men as long as he didn’t use their bathroom. Brian Piccolo did just that. However, in the middle of all that joking around, he was a real hard worker.

Brian Piccolo was surely a hard-worker. Again, being a running back, showed how hard he worked. How long did that take him to get to that spot? May have been easy, may have been hard. But how hard he worked obviously paid off because he did become a running back. He ran a lot, especially through the park. He was also one of the top players on the team. He worked hard for that honor, and he deserves it for how hard he works. Even after the surgery, he wanted to go and play again. It would have taken a lot of work and his body healing to have him play again.

In conclusion, Brian Piccolo was indeed determined to do what he loved. He was also fun loving at all times. In addition, he was willing to do all the hard work that would lead to success. He influenced many people. He influenced me by teaching me that people are watching you and will remember how you lived. Even though Brian Piccolo died at age 26, he will be known for how he lived.

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