March 26, 2012
By KelsieM SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
KelsieM SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
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Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year, for several exciting reasons. My favorite part of Halloween is the exciting costumes. Another cool part of Halloween would be trick-or-treating with people. Halloween can also be really fun when you decorate your house! Those are a few of the reason why I love Halloween.

One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up in costumes. There are many costumes to choose from including ghosts, witches, vampires, crayons, ninja turtles, or anything else you can think of because the possibilities are endless! You can buy costumes at any general store, or you can rent one from a clothing store. The best part of costumes is when you get to plan it out with friends and wear matching ones. This year, my best friend and I are thinking of being ninja turtles together. Once you find a great costume to wear, then we get to the real fun part, candy!

The best part of Halloween, besides dressing up, is the trick or treating! It’s usually only exciting when you get to go trick or treating with friends. I always trick or treat with my best friends, and we do it all night long. However, before I go trick or treating with my friends, I always trick or treat with my little 3 year old sister, Megan. Megan is the cutest little sister ever and she loves trick or treating with me, so I always take her along with me before it gets dark. Once we finish trick or treating, we get to sort through all the candy we received. I usually give the bubble gum and Laffy Taffy to my little sister. My favorite candies are the ones with peanut butter because I never get to have peanut butter, since my sister is allergic. I wait all year for Halloween to come, so I can eat peanut butter snickers and butterfingers. Although the candy is delicious, decorating is very fun too.

Decorations can be really festive depending if your family really likes Halloween, or not. My mom isn’t a huge fan of decorating, but since my siblings and I are, she buys decorations for us. We usually buy neon orange lights to hang around my house and trees. Also, we use a bunch of window stickers and let my little sister hang them up. Another thing we use is just general decorations such as pumpkin masks, ghost statues, and mini haunted houses. We set those decorations scattered around our house to make our house look festive.

Halloween can be a very phenomenal time of the year, especially when you spend it with family and friends. The best part of October 31st is the costumes. However, the candy is also very delicious! Decorating your house can be a lot of fun, especially when you do it with your little sister. Halloween can be scary and fun, no matter if it’s spent with family or friends.

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