Chicago Bears Running Back: Brian Piccolo

March 26, 2012
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Brian Piccolo is one of the main characters in the movie Brian’s Song. The director of this movie is Buzz Kulik. Brian Piccolo is a running back for the Chicago Bears. He plays football with one of his friends Gale Sayers. Later on during his career, he becomes sick with lung cancer. Brian Piccolo is helpful to other people, determined, and very strong.

Brian Piccolo is a very helpful person. He helped one of his good friends, Gale Sayers, when Sayers had a knee injury from playing football. Brian and Gale would run to help get Gale back into shape. When Gale couldn’t play football, he was very sad and wasn’t his normal self. Brian helped him by telling jokes. One joke was that Gale was a negro, and they both laughed at this joke. Gale started to get better, and was able to play football because Brian was helping him get back into shape. Brian is very helpful, but he is also a very determined person.

Brian shows determination in many circumstances throughout his life. He wants to be great at everything he does. When Brian found out that he had cancer, he thought that it was just a detour in his life. Everybody was worried about him, but he thought that he was going to get better. After he had surgery, he was determined that he was going to start playing football once he had recovered. During Brian’s life he wanted to be the best at everything that he did. He was determined to live life to the fullest. Brian always did everything to the best of his abilities, and never let anything get in his way.

Brian is a very strong person both physically and mentally. When Brian found out that he had lung cancer, he wasn’t scared. He was in the hospital, and he told jokes to make his family and friends happy. Brian never thought of the bad things when he was sick only the positive things. When Brian found out that he had to have more surgeries he didn’t freak out. He prepared himself like he does before a game. Brian is a very strong person; he thinks that everything happens for a reason.

I have learned many things about Brian Piccolo. He is helpful to others, determined, and he is strong. He has influenced me to make the best of everything. He has also taught me to help others when they are struggling with something in their life. He taught me to take life one day at a time, and to believe that everything happens for a reason.

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