March 26, 2012
By Samantha Johnson BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
Samantha Johnson BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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What does Halloween mean to you? Is it handing out candy? Dressing up in costumes? Going trick or treating? Do you decorate with pumpkins and scarecrows or ghosts and goblins? Do you even know how Halloween started? Let’s find out together.

One day, the Celts had a tradition called Samhain that was celebrated on the night before the New Year began. This marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the cold winter. It was believed that on this night, witches and ghosts ruled, and that the sounds of the dead would rise again to visit places where they had lived. November 1st was originally called “All Saints” or “All Hollows Day.” The night of October 31, was called “All Hallows Eve.” Everyone started to have costumes and candy. They loved the candy and I will to tell you which candy I like and dislike.

The candy was absolutely amazing! Everyone likes candy, and if they don’t they are missing out on the sugary, wonderful taste. I would name all the candy I like, but that would take up the whole page because there’s a lot of it. There is also candy I don’t like. For example, Hershey bars with peanuts. I dislike things with peanuts because I really don’t like them put together. The candies I want to get for Halloween are things I eat, or if the people giving us candy let us pick then I pick the kinds I like or I give the candy I don’t like I give away to other people. The only way you get candy is when you wear a costume.

For Halloween your costumes can be scary, funny, or just plain weird. The scary ones are really cool because you can be dressed up as people off the scary movies like Saw. The funny ones are sometimes funny and if they’re not very funny then they might be weird or just plain normal. The ones that are just plain weird I laugh at because you can make fun of their outfit.

There are those that hand out candy so they can see the cute costumes, and others that dress up to attend a Halloween party. No matter how you celebrate Halloween it can provide a fun time for all.

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