Problems and Solutions

March 26, 2012
By Jennifer Tidwell BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
Jennifer Tidwell BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Or have you ever wondered why the Earth revolves around the Sun? I find it curious how people ponder the things of the world, yet most just wait for someone else to find the answers. Our world is full of questions waiting to be answered and problems waiting to be solved.

Some of the most important inventions in the history of mankind were created by one person simply recognizing a problem and finding the solution. The wheel, electricity, the light bulb: all were created by someone saying, “How do I make this better?” Why has this generation lost that vigor for new knowledge? Why aren’t we as curious and hungry as the people before us? It’s because the answers, the solutions, are right at our fingertips.

The internet offers many ideas and theories towards why something happens or how to solve a problem. It seems as though people today are reaching more to the internet than finding solutions on their own. This practice has fostered a lazy and complacent society, a society that is perfectly happy with where they are right now and unwilling to do anything to make the world better or easier.

If people would go back to back to asking questions and then seeking out the answers the innovations that we would see in the next fifty years alone would be incredible. Imagine the lives people around the world would be living. Don’t just ask why the sky is blue, go find out.

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