March 22, 2012
By Jazzy_lover PLATINUM, Kirkland, Washington
Jazzy_lover PLATINUM, Kirkland, Washington
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People are not happier than they use to be. At times we may be happy filled with joy but is it real? Even with all that goes on. not just around us but within our family within ourselves we all deal with so much. That happiness then becomes a dream to us, to achieve it and be in awe. But we cant always turn the other cheek. With all that we see it brings us down. Wanting to help with all we see, that goes wrong in the world disappear. So when people say we all live in the happiest time. I disagree especially how the economic state is, natural disasters and violence it piles on.

There may be times when we have the slightest feel for happiness, however it doesn’t last long. Especially with the way the economic structure is with houses costing hundreds more, gas prices increasing vastly. People getting laid off, not being any jobs out there causes a great amount of stress. Worrying constantly whether you’ll have money to buy food to put on the table is agonizing having to provide for your family and there not being a way you can own up to you’re responsibility when adding on to family problems, health issues and etc.

Natural disasters being seen daily on the news. The tsunami in Japan a year ago was a devastating occurrence. Unexpected that put many homeless without family members. Tornados happening from one place to another taking all that people have in a split second. Seeing all that goes around us. People murdering others from jealously. A bringing a gun to school that went off putting a girl in his class in critical condition, with having to do nine surgeries on her to save her organs. Makes you think more about why a nine year old boy had a gun and where he got he from, now a days anyone can purchase a gun. Leaving many like myself to worry if were really safe? All the deaths on T.V. teenagers taking their own life to get away from their misery. Not having a healthy way to cope with all that goes on in their lives, many feel pressured to be perfect in today’s society. Many bullied for being different, makes them feel alone, unwanted in the world. Never understanding truly what goes on but yet seeing only what’s on the surface.

We live in a time where technology consumes our every minute, as it becomes greater. Material things don’t make us happy, sure for a while they do but in the end it breaks or falls apart. Sometimes to truly be happy we have to go looking for happiness some excitement in life to keep us going. Maybe at times we all need a break, take a vacation, a camping trip no technology equals no stress. To get away from our problems helps even if its for a while it will give us a sense of peace. some turn to yoga, to help find that balance inside , daily walks help. Having a hobby to help us get away from things the world, will make us feel happier. Even when everything crumbles around us.

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an essay for class my friend told me to post it

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