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March 22, 2012
By BreeBree1998 BRONZE, Hannibal, Missouri
BreeBree1998 BRONZE, Hannibal, Missouri
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How do you feel about child abuse going unreported, because I feel that it’s unacceptable. What do you do when you see all over a child’s face that they need help? What would you do if a child ever came to you and told you they’re the mother/father figure in their house hold and they’re only seven years old and in the third grade? What would you do if someone told you that their mother threatened to kill them and slammed a pan against their side? What would you do if a kid told you that their parent took a knife to their body? Now, how do you feel about child abuse going unreported?

When children and babies die, a lot of the time it’s because they’re abused, most of the time by parents of step parents. More cases of child abuse go unreported than reported. People of this world, if you care about children and their future you will inform someone that can help (even if the abuser is someone close to you). Also, there will be more articles on how they are getting adopted and living happy, playful lives. More and more articles on how they still love their parents and/or whoever abused them because they didn’t have to live with being abused all their life, and they ended up getting the happy, joyful life they dreamed of.

A lot of suicides are from getting abused either by peers or adults. Children, mostly teenagers, get tired of worrying what’s going to happen next or when they get home. They’re tired of worrying if they’re going to get beat, molested or even raped. If you have ever been abused, molested or raped (by peers or adults) then you know the stress and depression that you always have, and know that you’re always worrying. All teenagers and children want is to be able to go home and relax and not worry all day long.

Also, in Britain one in one thousand children under the age of four suffer extreme physical abuse by a person that has parental authority. There are many, many children that you go to school with that are abused and you don’t know it. They are either mentally, physically or emotionally abused or molested or raped (by peers or adults). They may not show any outward emotion that he/she was abused because a lot of teenagers don’t show that type of emotion around their friends but, they will have inward emotion that hurts them badly.

Approximately 30,000 children are on child protection order (a.k.a. restraining orders) and those are just the cases that have been reported and confirmed. Even with child protection orders, one child dies each week.

In fact, there are multiple types of child abuse. There is neglect, sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Thirty-four percent of child abuse is neglect, thirty percent is sexual, twenty-eight percent is physical and eight percent is emotional abuse. Truly, ninety percent of children know their abuser very, very well. Most children are abused by their parents, step parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, peers, or even their babysitters. Then, there is the random people that pick children and teens up off the street and abuse them in any way shape or form. Additionally, one out of ten children are sexually abused during their lovable childhood years. Pretty much their whole childhood will be ruined if someone doesn’t speak up. You need to inform people that can help of what’s happening, what you see or hear about.

Of course, there are different types of abuse. So, how many types are there, how can you tell its happening and what does it do to the children? There are four different types of abuse and they impact people strongly. However, if a child knows more about sex than the average child around his/her age, if he/she has extreme reactions such as suicide attempts, medical problems such as venereal diseases, if they become clingy or insecure and registered to younger behavior and/or lack of trust in someone they know than there is a chance of sexual abuse happening. Also, if a child is really skittish that is a sign for both, sexual and physical abuse. Also, physical abuse is easier to find and see than any other type of abuse. A few ways to prove physical abuse is happening is unexplained recurrent injuries or burns and/or refusal to explain the injuries or burns. Also, if they refuse to dress out in front of people, and/or fear of medical exams and/or fear of physical contact with anyone at any time. When physical, mental and emotional development lags happen, sudden speech disorders, continual self-depreciation and/or also extremes to fear and/or new situations are ways to find out if someone is getting emotionally abused. However, constant hunger, poor personal hygiene, constant tiredness, poor state of clothing, untreated medical problems, compulsive scavenging, and/or zero social relationships is a huge sign of neglect. I believe that these are the worst things that can ever happen to any child on this planet, young or old.

I hope this has said something to your heart and soul to try and prevent and inform people of child abuse (of any kind). Also, I hope that this information will help you notice child abuse and not think that their just another clumsy kid. Thanks for reading my paper, the longest one I’ve wrote, and I hope it has changed your thoughts on child abuse.
-In Memory Of All The Children That
Died From Child Abuse!
I Love You! :’( <3
… Can you believe them… </3… :’(

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Well, I had to write a paper for communacation arts on anything I feel strongly about... So I choose Child Abuse... Hope You Like It..

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