Teenage Pregnancy

March 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Did you know that teenage pregnancy rates declined between 1991 and 2005 but are on the rise again? Studies have shown that out of all teen pregnancies, 57% end in birth, another 14% end in miscarriage. Many teenage parents have experienced a decrease in education, behavioral problems, low income and poverty. Becoming pregnant as a teenager can take away from your future. Most importantly your education. As a child you want to get the best education you can get so you can be further successful in life. Having to care for a child is harder considering you, yourself still have some growing up to do. Being a pregnant teenage mother, requires for some serious thinking. The choices made all have an effect on both you and your child.

Becoming pregnant at such a young age will not only bring stress into your life but also having to put up with what other people would be saying about you. Living through high school is hard enough as is, and becoming pregnant will cause for rumors to spread by your fellow classmates. Peer pressure is one of the many things you'd have to deal with while still in high school. Not only will you suffer physically but also mentally. Such little things can get in the way such as the laughing & giggles as you walk down the hallways or all the rumors spread by those you thought were your friends. Things like this drive you into considering being home-schooled or even worse, drop out.

Now think more realistically and imagine all the money a baby is worth! Things don't come free in this world, now with a child consider the amounts of money you'd be spending on diapers and formula. Without a job it'd only make it harder on you and your family. The majority of kids born to teenage parents will grow up living with only one of their parents and are most likely to pay child support. Not only is this bad for the parents themselves but also for their child. The child has to live life with only one parent and will have a higher chance of poverty.

Along with everything else, the choices made by you and your partner are most important and have an effect on everyone involved. Being a pregnant teenage mother you have to make the toughest decision about the baby that's on the way. Will you keep the baby? Put it up for adoption? Abortion? These are all things needed to be thought over by the mother and her partner. Now becoming pregnant as a teenager can also cause for the baby to be born with health problems. These are all things teenage mothers have to consider. It's for the good of the baby and mother. Choices...decisions...are all so important.

In my opinion I would say, have a baby when you're ready. It'll make life easier on you and your family. Finish growing up first then consider the future and everything else that it brings. Teenagers have their whole lives ahead of them and there's no need to rush into things. Although it's very important to stay positive and strong, no matter what happens. It takes a lot of support from your family and friends to get through a pregnancy as a teenager. You as a teenager have so many goals and bringing along a baby will slowly start to diminish those dreams you once had. Just answer one question, how can you care for a child, when you're still a child yourself?

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