Everyone needs to live a simpler life

March 19, 2012
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At seventeen years old, you would think that we have it made easy. We have all the technology that our parents didn’t have back in their days. How we have more medical advances, and how our society is always out and running around, never staying at one place to long. As a boy, my dad always said “When I was a boy I only went out once a week if I was lucky.” The same is true for my mother. What I didn’t realize is that they lived a much simpler life than the people in my generation do. My dad grew up on a farm, hundreds of acres to run around and have fun on. Even though my mom didn’t grow up on a farm, she had open space to have fun on with her sisters. Back then; they didn’t get bored like people in my generation do. We are so tied up with our phones and computers, that if we are restricted to using it, it seems like the world is ending. Its true for me, I am addicted to my phone, who isn’t? However, when I’m at my family farm where my dad grew up, I don’t use it. I enjoy a simpler life. As a kid I always loved going down there in the valley. My Grandpa Wall would always say, “This is all going to be yours Chris.” Man I could not wait to live there as a child. My Grandpa would tell me stories about the winters up there and how harsh they were. He would tell me that they would be stuck down there for a week at a time, no TV, and sometimes no electricity. To some that sounds horrible, but to me it kind of seems nice. I mean who wouldn’t like to just get away from the world for a week? Have hundreds of acres to go roaming around on, go enjoy the wildlife in its original habitat? I remember last year’s Deer Season, walking around and I had a young deer, maybe just a couple of months old run up on me, he looked so confused, I just wanted to take him home with me as a pet. Just being alone from this crazy place we call life sounds amazing. I know it does for me, I think it would benefit me. Make me thankful for the things that I have. Don’t you want to get away from the world? Find peace in your life? Maybe if people started going to places that they could just put their phone down, turn off the computer and just relax, it would help the world. Or maybe it is just for some people; all I know is that our world has become more like the TV show the “Jetson’s”. I know we cant fly cars yet but our world has increased its technology so much in the last ten years that it’s making our lives more and more complicated, doing things that we didn’t have to do 30 years ago. Worrying about things that were never though imaginable back then. Can we just slow our world down and enjoy the simple things in life?

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