have you ever had a dream

March 19, 2012
Have you ever had a dream? One that seemed so out of reach and impossible that people actually laughed at you? Or maybe it never made it that far because you knew no one would support you. Do you really believe that if we stop believing in our dreams the world be a better a place. There have been countless moments in my life where i have had the choice to choose my dream or choose what the world told me to. It's sad to say more often than not i chose the world, and I am not pleased with where it has led me.

There are numorous accounts throughout history of people choosing thier dreams over the world. Martin Luther King Jr. stands as my favorite. His "dream" was not just his. He took action on the dream of thousands around him. With one heart ful of passion he changed a segrated nation, to a nation of equality. To many Dr. King is a phenomenal protest leader, spokeman, and a civil rights leader, I agree fully with everyone of those statements, but from the beginning he was just a pastor, a man who chose to live his dream. This was no walk in the park for him, he faced hardships more so than most. What he was doing not only put him in danger but also his family. He did not take this lightly by any means of the word, and it ultimately led to his death. I believe, whole heartedly, he would do it over again. Though he never was able to see it come to pass, his dream came to be.

In our world today there are many things happening around us because we choose to follow the standards of the world. Cn you imagine what it would be like if we had more men and women like Dr.King? Maybe if we were not so scared of what people think about us, our world would be different. Our dreams may seem crazy and rediculous but those are the one that make the biggest difference.

It is hard today to look around and find someone who truly believes in thier dream. I have had the amazing privelage to not only find one of these rare people, but get to work side by side with her and expirience the heart of her dream. Sandratra Kerr, is one of the most amazing women i have ever known. Growing up in Madagascar and witnessing first hand the poverty and starvation of the people around her, placed a dream in her heart that she can not ignore. She believe that by working with one community at time in Madagascar she can eventually change that whole nation. At first she didn't believe it was possible but today she knows it is. Starting a non profit organization called Echoes of Madagascar Sandtratra has been able to support a school in one of the communites in Madagascar. Springing from the organization she has also been able to start a ministry called Teny ministry for the children of Madagascar.

Not only is she working to change her world. She has also taken on the challenge of helping me change my world. Being a strong women of God, Sandratra has shown me love and acceptence that is freeing and priceless. In the short time I have known Sandtratra she has uplifted my dreams and goals and has shown me that reguardless of how other people see me, I can choose who I want to be. Sandratra is not just my friend, she is my mentor and my big sister. She has changed the way I view the world, even though at times I may be stubborn and choose to follow the world. Sandtratra tells always tells people when speaking to them that she never imagined being where she is today, I have to say I can't imagine the world without where she is today. I know my world is truely better because she is living her dream out. That is why I chose Sandtratra Kerr as my Martin Luther King Jr. hero. She has inspired me to change to world I live in and I can't wait to start that journey.

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