This Lifetime

March 18, 2012
By Daryk Childs BRONZE, American Fork, Utah
Daryk Childs BRONZE, American Fork, Utah
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Briefly describe to me the pertinence of our brain. The capability locked away inside our subconscious is very much alive. We are hindered by our inability to access what I know for a fact is alive and accessible. I am speaking in dialogue unknown, hinting at dreams remembered, and creating opportunities available. Have I ever been able to recreate the thoughts, worlds, and emotion felt in a dream? I find it antagonizing that I can remember these dreams, these places, and not be able to use my alertness to think this way. The brain; a muscle yet to be figured out by science, yet to be understood by psychologists, and yet to be learned by ourselves.

Have you ever stared into the mirror, and been unfamiliar with what you're looking at after some time? Have you ever found yourself realizing you're in a Déjà vu, and specifically changing the events that are to come? Have you ever found yourself looking at a site or person, and recognizing them with such familiarity but can't remember where you know them? Have you ever recalled a memoir you didn't know was available in a time of need? Better understandings of the ladder have been located, and I think I am starting to find my own. This universe is something entirely unthinkable, and something so complex that no one can even try to understand it in this lifetime.

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