Nail Bitting

March 15, 2012
I bite my nails because it’s a way of distracting myself when I’m worried, mad, scared, or sad. Biting nails is bad habit. I’m not the only one who bites their nails. My sister, who’s in third grade bites her nails too. She bites them so much that when you look at her nails al you see is finger, mostly finger.
Unlike my sister I can stop my self from biting my nails. I usually try to ignore my need to bite my nails and the feeling goes away. I think bite my nails because I’m constantly chewing on stuff. I try to chew gum as a was to stop biting my nails but I feel this is a habit I can’t break. The only time I don’t bite my nails is at school. I don’t bite my nails at school because it looks really gross and I don’t want anyone to think I’m gross or weird. Also because I wouldn’t be concentrating on what my teacher is teaching the class. That would be very disrespectful.

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